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There Is No, “At Least…”

I thought I was strong. I may have given myself a little too much credit. I can hold babies, I can talk about my boys, I can visit their tree where their ashes are buried, I can think about most things now without feeling that all too familiar feeling of dread in my stomach, pain […]

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Mother’s Day

Lori Ennis

(The Day After) Mother’s Day

I’m not sure about how to tactfully say what I want to say. That’s not new. And, as I’ve gotten older and further down the ‘journey’ of life after infertility and loss, I’ve gotten to where I care less about what others think. I saw lots this Mother’s Day. Lots on why being a Mother […]

New Normal

Strength: The definition of

Soon after my daughter died a well-meaning person told me I needed to be strong for my other children. I remember looking down at my deflated self, my weight leaning fully against the side of a chair, and feeling weaker than I ever had in my whole life. I was sad and isolated and misunderstood, feelings I […]

Pregnancy After Loss

Melissa Neu

There Is No, “At Least…”

I thought I was strong. I may have given myself a little too much credit. I can hold babies, I can talk about my boys, I can visit their tree where their ashes are buried, I can think about most things now without feeling that all too familiar feeling of dread in my stomach, pain […]




You’ve probably seen them by now. Artist and poet Rupi Kaur posted a photo series of herself and her sister in various poses, with their periods. In one, a girl is lying in bed with her back to the camera, with a small amount of blood leaking through her pants and onto the bed sheets. […]

Parenting After Loss

Dear Fear

Having published my book ‘Grieving Parents: Surviving Loss as a Couple’ a year ago and being weeks away from having the book published in its German translation, I’ve been reminded at the vulnerability it brings: Having my name out there, my opinions, my story, my suggestions – they all leave room for criticism. The idea […]

Grieving Fathers

Andy Gillette

On the Echo of Love

Love comes before grief. Love comes before grief. It’s an easy thing to forget, that love comes before grief. During those first horrible days…during those early numbing weeks…during those initial months where there seems to be no bottom to the depths of your pain, it seems that desperate sadness has always been with you, and […]

Beauty Marks

Lindsey Henke

Scars and Marks Unseen

I have a daughter. She looks just like me. With strawberry blond hair and blue-green eyes that change color with what she wears. Saying “tis” she points her chubby toddler finger at the black and white picture of a baby in the scrapbook in front of us. Softly correcting her I say, “baby, bei-bi”. She […]

Angela Miller

There Is No Winning In Child Loss

A couple weeks ago I had the incredible honor of winning a Butterfly Award in England. The Butterfly Awards honor champions and survivors of baby loss– those making a difference in the lives of bereaved parents. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to accept the award in person, but I did have the honor of writing an […]

Grieving Grandparents

Mothers and Mothers-in-Law

I have written this post over and over again. I am struggling with what to say for Mother’s Day because this is not just about me being a mother, but also about my relationship with my own mother as well as with my mother-in-law. Losing Nate and Sam did not just turn me into a […]

To the Heart Holders

When I was deep in the throes of grief, I needed to talk about losing Aiden. I needed to have the same conversation over and over again because I needed to talk and talk and talk to begin healing. It was the only way I could start to process the trauma of losing him. I […]


October – Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

Most of you know that October is International SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month (and also Breast Cancer Awareness Month). This article will shine a light on the history and meaning for our community, and provide a resource of events and projects you can take part, if you wish, to make this month meaningful […]

Off With Her Head!

“Maybe you just can’t carry boys?” I was pregnant for the fourth time, this time with a daughter, and I think in saying this, she thought it would give me comfort. This time, my pregnancy was different. This time it was a girl. All I could think of was Anne Boleyn. She couldn’t have a […]

Guest Writers

tim lantern

What Do Your Children Think?

I have worked to support families walking through the loss of a baby for the last decade, forming a perinatal hospice and bereavement support service for the last two years. Everyday, I am interacting with a mother who has lost her baby…whether online, on the telephone, or in person…helping to dress tiny babies at the […]


Pay Attention To Your Words

Guest Post by Nathalie Himmelrich As bereaved parents, we make meaning with the words we assign to our experiences. This is, in most cases, an unconscious process. Many times it is based on how we used to process our emotions (and experiences in general) as a child, how our parents managed their emotions and how […]

Grey Skies

Guest Post By Krista Cooper Losing our son Grayson was like being struck by lightening. It’s not something you ever expect to happen to you. No one ever tells you that babies die before they’re born. Not to me. Not our family. I’ve never even been stung by a bee, never broken a bone! I […]

Still Taboo. Stillbirth.

Guest post by Jackie Stillbirth. That one word holds so much weight. Sure, I’d heard the term before but never felt the nudge of curiosity to learn more about it. I wish I had. One philosophy I’ve lived by: If I learn about something I do not wish to occur in my life; it simply […]

Nine Months

Guest post by Janelle Nine months, which doesn’t seem like a long amount of time when you compare it to the average life expectancy of 78.7 years in the United States. In other cases nine months can seem like forever when you are carrying one of God’s little miracles inside of you anxiously awaiting their […]


Guest post by Kristin Just when I think it’s getting easier, it strikes again. Just this morning, I texted a friend because I was feeling guilty that I no longer felt haunted by thoughts of my son. I felt like a monster for “getting over” the death of my child so quickly. Then, I caught […]

The End of Numbness

Guest post by John It’s been two years, two months, and 19 days since I last held my son. 810 days since I held his broken body and sung the hokey-pokey before it was time to let him go. 19,940 hours since the last time I looked at him in person, rather than on a […]

My New Forever

Guest post by Erin I am a baby sea turtle. On the outside I am protected by a strong shell which was built to withstand the elements, but on the inside I am delicate, sensitive. I have just been born, emerging into the crisp bitterness of the cool air. This world is a scary place. […]

A Dear Friend

Guest post by Rachel My friend is going through a hard time at the moment. Scrap that, her life and her husband’s life has changed and the hard time they are going through will always be there. Ten weeks ago, their beautiful boy was born sleeping. I’m not pretending to know how they are feeling, […]

Five Years Later

Guest post by Erin Where am I five years later? Not quite as far along as I thought I’d be. Now that isn’t to say that I am where I was several years ago or that I am not living my life. I can honestly say, with only a fair amount of guilt, that I […]

Missing Cupcakes

Guest post by Rachel It is a beautiful fall day outside. I woke up hopeful because today is my husband’s birthday and I have been planning some surprises for him which is something I have always loved to do. I have been buying and hiding gifts the last few weeks, made mini-vacation plans, and bought […]

Eyes Wide Shut to a Conflicted Mind

Guest post by Jennifer For the last few days I have been struggling with the topic of this post. I’ve been conflicted. This morning, I took a moment to really think about my conflicted feelings. I started searching for a Bible verse to tie into this post. I didn’t know exactly what I was searching […]