I found an article I want to share with my support group, may I print it out and share/ include an article in a free newsletter?

Absolutely! This is the most frequently asked question, it is a resounding YES. We ask that you give credit where credit is due, our writers are all volunteer basis and pour their heart out into their pieces and please refer your group back to our website where they might find more resources and articles.

I wrote a book/ am producing a short film/ etc. and would love for you to share it on your Facebook page, is that possible?

Due to the volume of requests that fall in this category (this is the second most frequently asked question) we are unable to share everything without becoming too spammy for our dear followers/fans/readers. We do, however, offer several affordable sponsorship opportunities to help you reach over 80K people worldwide and spread the word about your upcoming project. Visit the Advertising page for more details.

I would love to write for you on a regular basis. Are you looking for more contributing writers?

We are going to be opening up an application for new writers in late June 2017, thank you for your interest!

How do I write for Still Standing?

Thank you for your interest in writing for us! Please click here for details on getting involved through your writing.

When will I know whether my guest post will be published on your site?

You will receive an email from us within 2-3 weeks of submission. Please keep a lookout for our email, and thank you for supporting our magazine!

I would love to volunteer, how can I help?

Thank you for your interest in joining our team of volunteers! Please keep a watch out on our facebook page, where we update on open positions.

Do you accept donations?

Thank you for thinking of us, but we do not accept donations. If you are looking for a cause to support, you might consider:

March of Dimes
Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
The Ronald McDonald House
Donate Art

I have just lost a baby. Where can I find some good resources in my area?

We are so sorry for your loss. We hope you might find helpful resources on our Resource Page. You may also download our free Handbook to Surviving the Loss of a Child here. Last, be sure to check if there is a support groups in your area here.



    • Sarah Philpott

      February 19, 2016 at 3:28 pm

      Thank you so much for your site. I am interested in submitting a guest post, but there is not a submission form or email address on the “write for us” page. Thank you!


      January 10, 2017 at 10:34 am

      I Have lost my stepdaughter.
      her father, mother and myself [ I’m, called mommy2]
      are devastated, heartbroken and in shock.
      since we put her to rest, her father is in a hospital, he had a breakdown
      the day after. Her mother is lost in a sea of booze and meds.
      Our daughter has 2 children left behind. 7 and 5.
      they have been asking me where is mommy and when is the mommy
      coming back?????
      [ Yes, I have talked with the children.]


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