There really is no right or wrong way to honor your child. Do what feels right or is best for you and your family. There is also no timeframe, and some years you may do more than others, or nothing at all but remember. That is ok. This is your journey in a unique parenthood.

Some of these suggestions may not work for your family or beliefs, some may be just what you were searching for. Either way, we would love you to add your rituals and ideas in the comments.

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Here are 40 special ways to honor your child:

  1. Set up prayer and remembrance flags
  2. Start a support group for other grieving parents
  3. Adopt an animal from a shelter
  4. Sponsor a child in need who shares your child’s birthday
  5. Make a memory Shadow Box
  6. Take memorial pictures at cemetery or cremation site or with urn
  7. Make a scrapbook / photo scrapbook of items worn/used or bought for child
  8. Make or buy a personalized piece of jewelry with your child’s name, date or initial
  9. Get a tattoo of your child (name, photo, date)
  10. Take photos of something in nature that help you feel closer to your angel (light, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, etc…)
  11. Collect an art piece that reminds you of your love for your child
  12. Make a charitable contribution in your child’s name to your favorite charity or organization
  13. Collect candles with scents that remind you of your child
  14. Create a place in your home for your child’s special things
  15. Purchase and name a crater on the moon after your child
  16. Name a star after your child (unofficial, but still cool)
  17. Start a charity or non-profit to help others in your situation
  18. Keep a blog and write your heart. You can even make it private if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your journey with others
  19. Participate in March of Dimes walk in their name
  20. Speak to your hospital about starting or being involved with the bereavement support program available
  21. Order a charm bracelet
  22. Order a Molly Bear
  23. Get a custom portrait done (available for babies at any age)
  24. Plant a tree
  25. Donate memory boxes to your local hospital
  26. Donate to a local charity in their name, like Ronald McDonald House or March of Dimes
  27. Do a butterfly release
  28. Take a creative photography course
  29. Order a Certificate of Life
  30. Miscarriage Certificates of Life (UK)
  31. Speak their name to anyone willing to listen
  32. Sign up for a creative workshop for grieving mothers
  33. Celebrate their birthday, in a big or small way, whatever you might feel comfortable with
  34. Collect little things here and there that remind you of them
  35. Attend a concert
  36. Write a letter to them
  37. Send off water lanterns at a nearby lake or beach in their memory
  38. Take a creative writing course, or just start writing
  39. Order a personalized baby memorial candle
  40. Plant a garden (in your front/backyard or community)


How do you honor the memory of your child? 


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