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5 Tips to Fight New Year’s Grief with Self-Care

As the holidays have come to an end and the new year is well under way, their aftermath can still wreak havoc on grief. Whether you were able to celebrate your child throughout this time or you felt as if they were lost with the hustle, we can all feel a little lost. Those lingering feelings can feel a little chaotic as the rest of the world seems to settle in their routine. Instead of wondering what can make this go away, I invite you to fight new year’s grief with these self-care tips.

Start a Journal

There are many types of journaling a person can do. After loss, I have found two types of journals work best for me. The first is diary-styled writing, where I recount my day. Since I’ve had a bad memory, it’s beneficial to go back through my grief journey to see growth. The second style I would recommend is what I call ‘angry writing.’ For this, I don’t write in complete sentences and just get whatever is on my mind out on paper. It takes away the fog in my mind.

Other types of journals can include art, photography, or whatever you make. This self-care technique has helped calm my grief during the worst days.

Take a Hot Bath

You deserve it!

Soaking in hot water or even having a hot shower, feels like the water is washing away tense feelings. It’s also a great time to light a candle or use essential oils to completely relax. This time is just for you.

Watch Your Favorite Movie or Show

Although the memories of losing your child will never go away, escaping reality and watching a movie or show can give your mind a much-needed rest. Laugh loudly with a comedy or let the tears flow freely with a sad movie. Either way, this self-care action is a great way to snuggle up and take deep breaths.


Music has always been a way humans express their emotions. Play your favorite song and get on your feet. Let the music travel through your body and let your mind focus on the best. Even if you aren’t the best dancer like me, dancing has helped bring a smile to my face. A burst of exercise also releases endorphins (‘happy’ hormones).

Begin a Remembrance Project

I have found that being creative with Jensen’s things has made me feel accomplished when they were completed. Personally, using my hands and touching his clothes or pictures help with my healing, which goes right along with self-care. I recommend doing small projects like making a scrapbook or shadow box to see how you feel afterward. A big scrapbook can actually take a while to do. By finishing a page or two at a time and eventually completing the book can be therapeutic.

These are just five self-care options you can do to help fight grief. There are endless self-care lists or actions you can do. Just know that you deserve time to grieve and heal, no matter what time of year.

Photo by Danielle Ridgway