Holiday Tips for Friends/Family of Stillbirth Parents

Holiday Tips for Friends/Family of Stillbirth Parents

December 20, 2017

Holiday Tips for Friends/Family of Stillbirth Parents

This will be the second Holiday that my husband and I will be spending without our son, Noel. To say the least, any normal day is hard enough but the Holidays are particularly difficult. Especially if you come from a family like ours that currently have newborns or small children close to the age our son would be. It definitely stabs at your heart a bit. (Parents don’t feel bad for feeling hurt when you see other happy families with their children. It’s normal; just continue to push through and know you’re not the only ones). This is the time where you as friends/family come in.


But seriously, do not feel pressured to find the perfect words in order to make us feel better. I don’t believe those words exist. Most of the time, personally, I just need presence. This doesn’t always literally mean, I need you to sit next to me. Instead, I need a friend that is HERE NOW. That could be as easy as checking in, having a short and sweet conversation about what you’re going to cook for the holidays or about anything at all. Don’t ever think that we need to specifically talk about our loss, etc., to feel better. Some people actually like avoiding having to talk about it. No one knows your friends better than you, so just try to be there in a way you know your friends would appreciate.


Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy when my friends bring our son up. Just recently out of the blue, a friend sent a video that made her think of me and of the pain I went through (and continue to go through), and she let me know that she was here for me if I ever needed to talk to her about him. She apologized for not bringing him up, and let me know that she does think of him often.

This was honestly very very sweet of her. It was something I didn’t even know I needed around this time of year, but I’m glad she randomly reached out. I let out a good cry, something that I personally don’t do very often, so it was definitely much needed.


If you give thanks over this Holiday season, or if you say prayers or remember those lost, please do not forget to remember our little babies. It’s an awful feeling when our children are left out. Try not to forget that while they are not physically here with us, they are in our hearts and we’d like to honor them in that way this holiday.


Be nice and caring this holiday season. Remember it’s not all about gift giving but also about friendships that need to be cherished. We are vulnerable, and nothing brings us more joy than being around the people that love us.

To all the stillbirth parents and family and friends of stillbirth parents, I send a warm hug to you all. I hope that your heart is filled with peace and positive vibes and that you get through the holidays with a smile and warmth in your hearts.


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  • Jeanette Esquivel

    Jeanette is an angel mom to Gustavo Noel and a wife turned artist. Drawing and writing about her experience in her blog became her way of coping. Her goal is to touch people and help them through the battle of life after stillbirth. All she wants to do is be the person her son would be proud of.

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