My Daddy is My Hero

August 6, 2017
My daddy is my hero
yours may be yours too
but my daddy is something special
He can do things no one else can do
When he holds my big brother’s hand
I can feel his squeeze from the clouds
When he rocks my little brother to sleep
My eyes get heavy as I start to calm down
When he hugs my mommy and wipes her tears
The rainfall begins to cease
When he feels he can’t do it anymore
He gets to use my angel wings
When he whispers my name in a crowded room
It echos like thunder in heaven above
When gives my brothers hugs and kisses
My heart skips because I feel his love
I hold his hand every chance I get
because I know he needs me there
I give his feet the support they need
because sometimes his burden is hard to bear
My daddy is my hero
yours may be yours too
but my daddy gave me back to Jesus
which is the hardest thing to do
In honor of Wyatt Scott Welch’s great daddy, Nathen Scott


  • Heather Welch

    I am a mother of 3 boys, a wife, and a teacher. Anytime I get to talk about my sweet Wyatt, I know he is smiling. I want the conversation about child loss to not be one that we are scared of. We can learn so much from each other by talking, writing, or simply just being with one another.

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