I Will Stumble

August 13, 2017

My world so dark,

My heart so broken.

There is no light to help me find my way,

Down this path.

Which I cannot stop traveling.

There is no going back,

There is only the path ahead.

If I scream or cry,

Will anyone hear.

The sorrow in my heart.

I wish it wasn’t this way,

But who am I to change what has happened.

This path I travel,

No one knows where it goes.

Most days I wish I could just stop,

For fear of all that I do not know.

There is only one way to go,

And that is straight ahead.

But I feel so lost,

I feel so alone.

I wish this path I never had to take.

But I’m on it now,

And there is no way off.

There is no going back.

No matter how far I walk,

There is no light.

I will stumble,

I will fall.

There will be days I get up and brush myself off and try as I can.

To continue in the dark,

Down this path.

There will be days I will just lay in the middle of the path,

The sobs and tears flowing,

No energy to move.

My heart so heavy,

My world so dark.

But when the time comes,

For him I will rise.

And continue as only I can.

No matter how many times I stumble,

Or fall,

In the end I will rise for him.

No matter how dark,

Or scary,

I realize that this path I’m on,

I’m stuck,

With no way off,

No place to go.

I will try my best to continue on,

But I’ll never accept the reason why,

My world is so dark,

My heart is so broken.

No matter the anguish,

Deep down what little I do know,

Is this path I never should have been on.

This never should have happened.

There is nothing I can change,

So I will continue down this path where,

I will stumble,

I will fall.

  • Marisa Michaud

    Marisa is the mother to 3 boys, one gone too soon and 2 keeping her on her toes. Drake died in 2010 at 12 days, 16 hours old after being pulled from life support due to injuries he sustained during delivery. Her other 2 boys: Aden and Gavin, whom she loves every minute with them.


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