Smallest of Wings

July 16, 2017

Those smallest wings appeared in a blur of sweetness.

Sheltered in tenderness and bliss.

Oh so tiny and oh so sweet you long to spring free to warm skies.

You were released from loving embraces.

The yearning to climb higher to mountains flourishes.


Fly high little bird on those smallest of wings.

Swing to the blue that covers the heavens.

Soar up to the clouds where the wind blows.

Feel the wind flutter through those fragile feathers.

Soak up the pure wetness of dew and raindrops.


The rainbows will carry you too far and distant lands.

The snowflakes will sparkle on softy downy feathers.

In spring times the flowers will fill the air with their sweet smells.

The summer sun will warm you with its brightness.


Fly high to the tallest of trees.

Wait on those sturdy tall branches.

Sing out your song to those who hear your sweet melodies.

In the morning light wake up and greet each day with new promises.

Each night sleep tightly and rest easy your cares.


Those smallest wings were given to do great things

So grow and spread them wide and their strength will never bring you failures.

Hope will make you stronger to face those new horizons.

The love that is inside will lead you to sweet peaceful ends.

This poem is in memory of my littlest Angel, Daniel Berg, born on April 28th, 2016:



  • Kathleen Berg

    Kathleen Berg is from Saint John, Indiana. She is a wife to husband, Ken, and mother to two children at home, Elanor and Eric, and her two angel babies, Valerie and Daniel. After losing Valerie in 2010 due to subchorionic hemorrhage during her 21st week of pregnancy, writing poems and journaling helped Kathleen cope with her loss. In 2016, Daniel was born unexpectedly during her 15th week of pregnancy also due to a subchorionic hemorrhage. Through her writing, Kathleen wants to give hope to others who feel alone in their grief journey.

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