July 30, 2017

I am broken.
into a million pieces,
some so small
they are lost forever
when I break.
Each day, I lose pieces
of you.
I am afraid
that one day
there will be nothing left.
That all that was you
will disappear
with me.

I am broken.
Cobbled together.
Not the same
since I fell apart.
Healing not quite
Missing pieces.
But you
are my brokenness
and your light
shines through my cracks
and our love
creates my scars.

I am broken.
But not destroyed.
Invisible wounds
reopened without warning
will mend.
Less fragile now,
stronger than before.
I am reinforced.
I rebuild.
Again and again,
I rebuild.


  • Kristen Wood

    Kristen Wood is a mother of six, including her son, Luke, who was stillborn on Christmas Eve of 2010. She is also a writer, a reader, a student, and an aspiring librarian. She desperately needed hope after the loss of her son, and she wants to offer that to others through her words. She can be found on her Facebook author page,

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