It was years ago that I once said: “I never want to be a helicopter mother.”

At the time I made this statement my two daughters were three and nearly almost one. It was several years later as I neared the end of my third pregnancy did that phrase re-emerge as I got off my smooth sailing plane and boarded the helicopter.

It was like we were flying high in life and we were so excited to welcome our third baby girl and someone came on the PA and pushed a button for an emergency landing.

We had learned that my unborn daughter would need surgery to close a hole in her heart.

As we prepared for birth and the unknowns that would follow in the months ahead I indeed became that helicopter mom I said I never would be. I boarded the helicopter. Doing all I possibly could to ensure that our unborn daughter Angelina would have everything she needed in life. That we would fight right alongside her. Constantly making sure that my husband and two daughters were ok, amidst the chaos that we know called our life.

A helicopter mom isn’t one that flies off the handle but has a deep love that reaches down into the depths of her soul. A helicopter mom is like a mother bear. 

A mother bear always puts her cubs first in life.

A mother bear isn’t overbearing she is observant.

A mother bear loves her cubs with a fierce love that she would do anything to keep them safe.

A mother bear doesn’t hesitate and knows what is right for her cubs.

A mother bear will at all costs try and prevent her cubs from feeling any pain or suffering.

While My sweet Angelina is no longer here on earth for me to hold, she leaves a legacy and as I heal she continues to teach me how to mother my living children here on earth.

Whether a helicopter mom or a mother bear. It’s all out of a deep love that I want to care and love for my child that have left earth too soon and for my children living right by my side.