Dreams, Brightness, Darkness and Rainbows

June 5, 2017

Thinking. Well it’s become a past time of mine lately. Staring at a wall just thinking about life until my eyes close and I drift off into a world of dreams, brightness, darkness and rainbows.

People always tell you to go for your dreams, make it happen. There are quotes and sayings about it. Everyone thinks they are on the right path to achieve this or are at least trying to get there someday. But sometimes you find yourself stuck, a concrete wall built so high up preventing you from just simply starting to climb towards that dream. To walk that path.

I mean, life can be so unpredictable. You can chose a path that you feel is the most desired one to take. A path where you see a bright future. One with very few obstacles along the way. As life can be beautiful and you can find yourself on this unwinding path with a view that can take your breath away.

And then in a split second you are thrust into an entirely different path. One that you never saw entering into your life, where the obstacles seem to massive to overcome and the view is dark and gloomy, filled with heartache and pain.

But then there is another path where fantasies live and dreams do come true. A path that is lite up with hope and faith. One where there are great obstacles along the way but are possible to break down. Just a pebble in your step. A path that has no end and all you can see is rainbows and sunshine. One that spills out happiness.

So which one do you chose? Which one do you chose to stay on?

This is a choice I have come to realize that no one can make in their life. There is not one path for anyone. There are many. We go through life, thinking we are living, walking the right path. One we feel we have chosen for ourselves. But what happens when we deviate? What happens when we are hit by a meteor we didn’t see coming? What happens when we are just sitting on a path but not living? Do we change paths?

Well, I believe we stay on the same path that has been set out for us from the very moment we took our first breath. Yes we have choices of our path design, the way it looks. But we do not have a choice of its establishment or how it will come to an end. We just control how to live and react on our path.

Because everything is combined. There will be times when you find yourself on your chosen path, where the future is bright. And then the path’s colour might change and turn to one of darkness and pain. But you hold on during that time because you have to, you have to live. So once again you take another step and your path turns a shade lighter where you might be able to see rainbows and sunshine falling upon you. You may be able to see happiness. And then repeat.

So you see, your path is never set in stone nor was it one that you had a choice for. Your path was always going to be built that way, it was always going to have brightness, darkness and rainbows. Your only choice is how you decide to live on it and that will determine the view.

So as you walk along your path, look ahead, because as you take that one step, you will realize that there is so much more to your life then the step you were stuck on.

Take that one step towards your dream, towards your desired view. Just one, and see what happens.

Guest post by Natasha Piotis

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