May We All Heal 2017 – Why it is Good to Reflect on Your Grief

May 10, 2017
May We All Heal invitation
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May We All Heal is a creative healing event, where we reflect on our grief. Participants from all over the world take part in this online event, sharing their images and thoughts.

May We All Heal and its history

Originally created by a few women from the Grieving Parents Support Network it is now in its third year. It lasts throughout the whole month of May. It allows bereaved parents to focus on aspects of their grieving and healing. This is done by using any form of creativity, be that drawing, colouring in, doodling, writing, talking, singing, dancing, modelling with clay or any other form. Another important part is the reflections on the prompt that is offered for each day.

Why would I want to delve into these memories and the emotions it evokes?

Author David Rock’s book Your Brain at Work: Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long explains:
“To reduce arousal, you need to use just a few words to describe an emotion, and ideally use symbolic language, which means using indirect metaphors, metrics, and simplifications of your experience. This requires you to activate your prefrontal cortex, which reduces the arousal in the limbic system. Here’s the bottom line: describe an emotion in just a word or two, and it helps reduce the emotion.” Even though this hasn’t specifically been written in the context of grief, it describes what happens when we reflect on our emotions upon the use of symbolic language which creativity is part of.

This is what we are doing in ‘May We All Heal’, where we are using creative metaphors and words to describe our internal processing. Just by doing that, we are changing the fabric of grieving and allow healing.

You are not alone

As much as the statement ‘you are not alone’ is uttered, it needs to be experienced to be believed. ‘May We All Heal’ harnesses the power of community, the ‘we’ as Sherly Sandberg in her interview with Time describes.

The participants share the creative images and words of reflections on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Using the hashtags #MayWeAllHeal and #MWAH2017 allows participants to find one another and read and comment. On the event page on Facebook there is also space for participant to share and communicate with each other.

Participants feel enriched through this experience. They said: “I feel comfort here” or “I’m so glad I found the May We All Heal event because it is so beneficial for my healing”.

Come and join us! You can start any day. All information is here:

Click here for the MWAH 2017 Event page on Facebook
Click here for the MWAH page on Facebook

May We All Heal – Playbook For Creative Healing After Loss

That is what we do in the month of May with May We All Heal – a community project by the Grieving Parents Support Network.
Making time for our grieving and taking responsibility for our healing. Join in. Any day is a good day for healing.

Find out more about healthy grieving and healthy healing and join in ‪#‎MayWeAllHeal‬ 2017 🌸🌟🌺
More info:

Buy the companion playbook:
Facebook peer support group:




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Nathalie Himmelrich the author of a number of resource books for bereaved parents. As a relationship coach, grief recovery expert and bereaved mother herself she believes that relationships (intimate and to other support people) are the foundation for a healthy grieving experience. She is also the founder of the Grieving Parents Support (GPS) Network and the May We All Heal peer support group. Find Nathalie’s books here: Nathalie Himmelrich or the Grieving Parents Support Network here: Grieving Parents


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