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Heal by Choice Cruise Retreat

The world of grief and loss has evolved tremendously since we lost our first baby seven years ago. The online support there was felt dated, stale and ultimately vague. A few after my loss, I discovered blogs and fell deeply in love with reading blogs that resonated with my own story. They were written by real people suffering the recent loss of a child. The first woman I met through the blogs was a woman named Rachel Crawford. She lost twin girls in 2008, and has used her heart break to reach other grieving hearts through her tea company, Teamotions and more recently, Heal by Choice. I conducted a quick interview so you might get to know her heart as well as an exciting event she has planned for next year.

What is Heart Stewardship and how does it help with the grieving process?

Heart Stewardship is the practice of “stewarding” our hearts. Stewardship means the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for. There is nothing more worth protecting and caring for than our hearts. And when our hearts are broken by loss they need extra special pro-active care to heal. Healing doesn’t just happen. As a Heal by Choice Cruise Retreat attendee, you will participate in the powerful Heart Stewardship Program, a 20+ hour heart-healing educational course that will teach you how to emotionally process your loss and be a proactive participant in your healing journey. You will have access to daily seminars, elective workshops, healing yoga, Teamotions emotional well-being tea, and a caring staff to guide and help you through every aspect of the retreat. Heart Stewardship helps with the grieving process because it takes the focus off the person that was lost and puts the focus solely on our heart so we can discover what is really going on in our heart, learn how to listen to it, tend to it, and make an action plan that supports healing that lasts.

What makes Heal by Choice Cruise Retreat unique to other retreats?

A Heal by Choice Cruise retreat is the first retreat for loss to focus on the whole you – the person who experienced the loss – and your heart, not the person you lost. This dynamic shift in perspective allows for heart-centered healing that lasts. Your heart will be treated with the sensitivity it deserves and protected from unhelpful motivational pep-talks, cliches, and platitudes. You will not be told everything happens for a reason, that your loss is good in disguise, or that your pain can be remedied with gratitude. Grief is not a perspective problem, it is normal and natural. Your pain is valid and there is nothing wrong with you for hurting. As a matter of fact, your pain is a reflection of everything that is right with you. It shows that you are a feeling human capable of love and your love doesn’t have to sentence you to a lifetime of hurting.

What sets Heal by Choice Cruise Retreats apart from other retreats and support groups is our commitment to a heart-centered approach that works. You will learn how tend to your heart for a lifetime of lasting healing. Your heart will be the focus of every part of this retreat. Helping you find lasting relief from your pain extends to every aspect of the retreat and with that includes what is part of your experience – and what is not.

As a result, certain activities will not be part of your retreat experience:

– Group story telling/sharing

– Talk therapy

– Being grouped or separated by loss type

– Memorializing of the dead

– Attempting to connect with the dead “on the other side”

These activities, while common in today’s grief culture, are not heart-centered action steps and work against cultivating healing that lasts. They can be cathartic for a time, providing temporary relief or distraction from pain, but catharsis alone does not heal.

I believe your lost loved one is honored more in your healing than your hurting, therefore the emphasis will be on healing your heart to empower you with the ability to choose how you will remember and connect to your lost loved one after you find healing for your heart, not instead of.

When and where will the cruise take place?

The Cruise will take place from April 24-29th,2017 and leave from the Port of Los Angeles, CA. We will sail to Cabo San Lucas and back.

Who is this for?

This retreat is for anyone who wants healing for their heart, especially those who have lost hope and no longer think healing is possible. Healing is possible, hope always exists. Let me show you how.

What can the attendees expect on a day-to-day basis from this cruise and healing retreat?

The retreat is structured to strike the perfect balance between time spent learning and time spent resting and rejuvenating. I love doing retreats on a cruise ship because it removes us from the demands of our lives. We get to unplug and focus completely on our hearts. Real life does not afford us the ability to focus on our hearts entirely for six days straight. We will have session time daily and optional workshops so each attendee can structure their time to learn what matters most to them. A full itinerary is on our website

How can one learn more about the cruise?

You can visit our website to learn more and feel free to email or call me. If you have any questions or concerns you can set up a 20 minute phone session with me right from the website.

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