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Five Simple Ways to Include Your Child in the Holidays

It’s something we all wonder if we’re doing enough of. Especially as time passes. But also especially at first. What is enough when it comes to including your child during the holidays?

Enough is whatever heals your heart. Enough is whatever feels right for you, this very moment. And enough will change year to year. It just will. So flow with it. It is your child. Your grief. And your healing.

If you wondering how to include your child in the holidays, here are five simple ways you can do this:

1. Write your child’s name in your annual Christmas cards. You can also create a stamp from their hand prints or footprints. Simply send a black and white copy of their prints to a local print shop like Staples to create a stamp. I won one in a giveaway years ago and it is one of my favorite things I have of Jenna!

2. In your holiday photos, include a stuffed animal, special piece of jewelry or even a photo of your child.

3. Donate to your favorite charity in your child’s memory. You could also ask family and friends to do the same if they are wondering how to help you through this time.

4. Hang a stocking for your child, and ask loved ones to write a note to your child, or a favorite memory on a slip of paper and collect them in a stocking. Read them on Christmas morning.

5. Collect a special ornament each year for your child. You could even decorate a small tree just for them. Jenna has two 🙂

How do you include your child during the holidays? Please share! The more ideas, the better.