She Took Him From Me

September 7, 2016


I laid there in the dimly lit hospital room. My husband sat in the chair with his head in his hands. We were tired and weary. It was 4:30am on a Friday morning. Christian, our newborn son was curled up on my chest in heavenly peace. There was no sound. We just sat there in silence. Weak and grief-stricken, I managed to pull some energy together to pray. I prayed to Mother Mary, for she out of all the Saints and all the Angels knew the pain and sorrow that I was experiencing. I prayed for her to come and take my darling little boy’s spirit to Heaven with her. I envisioned her taking him from my arms. She wrapped her robe around him and placed her hand over his head. She looked back at me. Her eyes smiled and I felt her love for him. She left me covered in peace. As I opened my eyes I saw the brightest blue light vanish from the room. The only way I can explain what I saw was as if when I had my eyes closed there was a bright blue light on in the room and as I opened my eyes the light was switched off. I cannot explain what happened. I don’t even know what happened but it was an experience that I will never forget. I have taken comfort in my belief that Mother Mary was there to take my son for me and that he was held and looked after.

I shared that part of Christian’s birth story in one of Doreen Virtue’s latest books, Mary, Queen of Angels. Doreen’s book which was published back in April this year is full of people’s encounters with The Blessed Mother Mary. The stories are heart warming and for the people who have shared them, they have been no doubt, like mine, life changing. It is the moments that I cannot explain that have allowed me to keep walking this road. They inspire me and leave me in an awe-inspiring state of wonder. I carry that memory of Christian and Mary with me always.

As I read Doreen’s book I thought about my friends and how they all have such different beliefs. All of which I deeply respect. What are the beliefs you have taken comfort in? Do you believe there is a heaven or an afterlife? Or do you believe this is it and that when we die our body just turns to ashes? How do you survive your grief?

I ask that if you would like to share your beliefs here that you also choose to be respectful of everyone else here that chooses to speak too. We are all here because we are grieving. And we only grieve because we love so deeply. So at the end of the day, not matter what are beliefs are we are brought together by one thing… LOVE. Keep that in mind and speak it.


    • sue

      September 29, 2016 at 1:19 am

      During my first pregnancy my twins Aiden and Christian were delivered at 24 weeks. I had done ivf and celebrated every milestone. I had a dream of an avalenche two days before and heard my grandmother who was a devoted catholic and had been deceased for six years tell me to pray to Mary and do the rosary. My premature labor couldn’t be stopped and my boys were born alive but too premature too intervene. My husband and I got to hold them as they had labored breathe so beautiful and perfect but not meant to stay with us. Gut retching grief beyond words but we held on to hope and I prayed to God and Mary for help and that we may be blessed to be parents. A colleague from work went to Lourdes and returned encouraging me that I would be a mom this time next year. She had prayed to our blessed mother and felt those prayers would be answered . Literally one year later I gave birth to my son Sean. How Wonderful our God is to wipe our tears and bless our hearts desires. Our son Sean was full term healthy 10 lbs. I was so happy but felt a longing in my heart due to the twins that went to heaven. Two years later I was blessed with twin girls. I thought I would be barren but God blessed me with healthy girls. And 3 years later a healthy son. God is so good and Mary was the greatest unspoken comfort teaching me a mothers love and to trust in Gods perfect timing

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