Another year gone but we made it!

September 7, 2016

We made it! (but not without tears)


We made it through another Holiday season. (for some of us, just barely)

We made it through the onslaught of holiday pregnancy announcements. (about 10 at my last count)

We made it through all the holiday get togethers with the tiny tots opening presents. (will our children ever sit in that circle?)


We made it! (but did anyone else want to just hide in a room alone?)


We made it through buying gifts for everyone elses children. (I wonder what the “in” toy will be when our kids are of age?)

We made it through all the Facebook posts of babies with Santa. (Though I did laugh at the screaming scared children, I’m evil, I’m sorry)

We made it through deciding if we should decorate a tree or not. (we did not)


We made it! (but will we make it through another year?)


We made it through wishing and hoping that WE would be able to announce our Holiday miracle. (My pregnancy testing day was Christmas day but just on time my period came)

We made it through all those darn Hallmark commercials. (anyone else want to set fire to Hallmark?)

We made it through all the well-meaning family and friends asking us when we are going to have children. (none of your business really)

Another year has passed and for many of us we are unsure of what the next will hold for us.  Will we finally say we are done trying?  Will we finally save up enough money to move forward?  Will some of us start the adoption process?  No matter what this next year hold for us just know this past year…


We made it!



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