A Love Letter to You on Valentine’s Day

September 22, 2016

You Are Loved. Small Bird Studios

Dearest ___________________, (your name here.)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I am sending you this note because I wanted to remind you that you are loved. I know, deep down, you know that, but sometimes it gets so easy to forget.

On those days when your patience is thin, your temper is high and you feel like you need a super-sized time-out just to stay sane, please remember that I love you. And on those days when the grief won’t leave, when the weight of your sadness sits on your shoulders like a 500 pound sack of sand… I love you on those days too.

When you are pushed to the edge and say things you don’t mean, or behave in ways that leave you feeling shameful. I forgive you. I know that your heart is broken. I know that you are learning who to be in this new existence, this life painted with a brush you never imagined you’d hold in your hand. So I will be gentle with you as you learn to explore, with tiny little steps, this new world that surrounds you.

But in exchange for my unwavering love and forgiveness, I have a few requests. I ask that you remember my beauty, my kindness, my talents and that you encourage me to express my passions. I ask that you be kind to me, and don’t criticize or neglect me, and don’t let everyone else’s needs surpass mine. Please treat me the way you would treat a loved one whom you cherish; with kindness, empathy and understanding. When I am feeling sad or insecure, don’t judge me. Just comfort me, the way you would a child who means the world to you.

I know that it’s hard. I know the mask you wear, the mask of “normal” that can feel exhausting, uncomfortable and cumbersome. I want you to know you have my permission to remove that mask. This is your life. You deserve to live it in a way that honors you… honors us.

Always remember- You are a strong, beautiful woman.

Allow yourself to feel your fear.
Allow yourself to feel your anger.
Allow yourself to feel your guilt.
Allow yourself to feel your pain.

Allow yourself to feel.

Allow yourself to feel your joy.
Allow yourself to feel your blessings.
Allow yourself to feel your laughter.
Allow yourself to feel your love.

Allow yourself to feel.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
All my love, _________________ (your name here.)


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xox, Tova

  • Tova

    Tova Gold is a mother to 4 daughters, 2 living and 2, identical twin angels, stolen by TTTS. She is is the founder of www.FindingMyMuchness.com, a community website dedicated to helping women re-find their joy and Muchness after grief or trauma. Her empowering Muchness Bands are a physical reminder of joy and strength inside all of us, with proceeds going to baby loss support and other worthy charities.

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