Interview with Kori, Founder of the Ramsey Keller Memorial

August 2, 2016

When and how was the Ramsey Keller Memorial started?

RKM was started in December of 2011, just one month after losing our sweet girl. Basic funds came from memorial donations and then we hosted the 2nd Annual Ryan’s Run (named after our sweet nephew who died of SIDS in 2010). This fall, we will host our first ever Pink Tie Affair. It is a silent auction, dinner and dance with all proceeds benefiting Ramsey’s Foundation.

How do parents in your local area go about requesting your assistance?

For now, all we ask for is a copy of the receipt from the local funeral home they used. Upon review, we give as much as we can. We hope to pay for all funeral costs in the near future, but we need to get a full year of fundraising under our belt before we can make promises.

What are you in need of at the moment?

Quite frankly, money. If only that wasn’t case. We also need items for our silent auction at the Pink Tie Affair and if you are the praying kind, please lift us up in prayer also.

In what ways can others become involved in what you are doing?

We love people with willing hearts to donate their time by helping with Ryan’s Run every May and with the Pink Tie Affair committee. Just spreading the word about our foundation is so helpful.

Can you share what stage you are at in forming your 501 (c)(3) status?

We have obtained our non-profit status!

In what ways has creating this organization impacted your grief journey, and healing?

I am such a doer, by creating Ramsey’s Foundation it gave me something to put my efforts into. As hard as it is to take the call that yet another family needs our services, it makes my heart happy to know I am helping others. I cannot ease their pain, their grief is their own, but I can certainly raise money and help in a very practical way. It has helped me in my own journey, knowing I am helping other families in Ramsey’s sweet name.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

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