An Anchor, A Lifeline and A Compass

August 19, 2016

I was on the moon, watching the world spin in the distance with its vivid blue and green colors.  I sat facing the sun, but felt no warmth.  The cold vacuum of grief, sucking everything away until only hurt was left.  Nothing felt real.  I was floating alone in endless darkness.

Painting became a lifeline, a tether to reality for a short moment.

Over time, writing became a second anchor for me.  Both forms of expression helped release that pressure valve in my head that needed venting.  Creativity led me back down to earth.

I gave myself no expectations.  No limits.  No judgement.

I was forging a new path in uncharted wilderness and I was the expert.  No one could tell me how to get through it or tell me which direction to take.  I allowed grief to be my compass.

These days, I am busy with life ~ but still float away sometimes.   Finding myself far out in space and having to reel myself back in with the stroke of a brush or keypad.

Grief has a funny way of taking us away sometimes . . . what do you do to bring yourself back?

  • Stephanie

    Stephanie Dyer, a mother of five children with four who walk on earth and one who soars, spends her days homeschooling and her nights painting. She has used her years of training and counseling as a LMSW-ACP to help her children deal with the loss of their sister. A self-taught artist, Stephanie currently owns and operates Beyond Words Designs, the company through which she publishes her artistry and runs the Donate Art project, a charity begun in honor of her daughter Amelia.

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