The Largest Collection of Songs for Bereaved Parents in the World

January 25, 2016

It’s a sad distinction to bear, but to our knowledge, Still Standing has created the largest playlist of songs for parents who have experienced miscarriages, stillbirths, or other types of loss. You can find it here.

With your help, we now have over 400 songs (418, to be exact), 20 unique playlists (some sorted by genre, others are submissions from parents like you in honor of their children), and 186 followers on our Spotify page (follow us to hear these meaningful songs)!

Things We’ve Learned Making This Resource

  • The sad songs are almost always the last ones on the album.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to share a song on Facebook than it is to talk about how you’re feeling on Facebook.
  • Ed Sheeran’s Small Bump and Jetty Rae’s Climbing Clouds might be the most touching, saddest music videos ever made.
  • Plenty of mega-bands like Coldplay and the Beatles are on the list, but some of the most popular artists are ones you may have never heard of before (like Plumb or Dani & Lizzy).
  • There aren’t many songs about miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss out there. But there are a few, and they’re amazing. Break-up songs about losing a love often are very close.

Most Popular Songs

We’ve received almost 600 suggestions from parents like you (please keep them coming!). Many have been unique, but not all. Here are the most requested songs we get. We’ve made a 3-hour playlist with 40 of the most recommended songs, here.

Rank Song Artist # Mentions
1 Gone Too Soon Daughtry 13
2 Held Natalie Grant 8
3 Beam Me Up Pink 7
4 Dancing in the Sky Dani and Lizzy 7
5 I WIll Carry You (Audrey’s Song) Selah 7
6 Fix You Coldplay 5
7 Glory Baby Watermark 5
8 One More Day Rocket Club 5
9 Small Bump Ed Sheeran 5
10 The Dance Garth Brooks 5

Most Mentioned Artists

Rank Artist # Mentions
1 Daughtry 11
2 Ed Sheeran 10
3 Coldplay 9
4 Natalie Grant 8
5 MercyMe 8
6 Pink 7
7 The Beatles 7
8 Dani & Lizzy 7
9 Lifehouse 6
10 Plumb 6

Here’s the full dataset, with graphs, for anyone who’s interested.

How Can I Contribute?

It’s easy! Don’t worry about suggesting duplicates: we’ll check for that. You can help by leaving song suggestions in the comments, by signing up to follow our Spotify account, by adding songs on Spotify, or by sharing playlists in honor of your child. Spotify is a free, easy to use service; you need a login, but it only takes a few seconds to create it.

Thanks to everyone who has listened, shared, and contributed! We couldn’t provide this resource without you!

  • Andy Gillette

    Andy Gillette is the father of Simon Alexander Gillette, who was stillborn in February of 2014. He and his wife Genevieve have grown closer through the experience, and find comfort in thinking of their little guy and helping other parents suffering through loss. They are happy to be involved with the Arlington, VA MIS Share support group: Mis Share


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