From Your First to My Last

January 18, 2016

From Your First to My LastYou are my first thought upon waking in the morning.

You walk with me in every step of my day.

No one can see you there, but you are next to me. Unseen, unheard, but never far from my awareness.

All that I do is because of you.

Every laugh, every tear, every connection, every action. It’s all because of and for you.

You walk with me, my unseen precious child. I walk for you.

I walk.
I stand.
I run.
I create.
I give.
I touch.
I love.
I am.

I am more because of you. I live more fully, more alive, and more richly because you lived. I live your legacy.

I feel, I grieve, I love more deeply because you lived and died.

I walk with you every day, your phantom hand in mine, because you cannot walk on earth with me.

You are mine and I am yours, every step and every moment of every day.

You are my last thought before I sleep at night.

You are my first and last. My always.

I am so grateful that you lived.

You will live forever through me.

From your first to my last. Always.

  • Emily Long

    Emily Long is the mama of two daughters gone too soon, a Life Archaeologist, coffee shop writer, consumer of bagels and hot cocoa, endless reader, lover of travel, and occasional hermit. Emily is committed to supporting families who experience the death of a child and writes frequently on the topic of pregnancy and infant loss. She speaks nationally advocating for the voice of grieving parents and families. Emily provides local and distance counseling services for grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, and other painful life stuff. In her downtime, you can usually find her in her hermit house re-reading Harry Potter (again).

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