The ‘Club’

September 1, 2015


Thank you for your welcome.

Thank you for your stay.

My time has come to leave you.

Even though I know it can’t end that way.

I never wanted to join.

It’s not a place I want to be.

It’s time for me to leave.

But I’m trapped here; woe is me.

It’s been almost three years.

The pain is still deep.

Others have stayed longer.

Oh, how my heart still weeps.

I appreciate you being here,

With open arms when I needed you.

But sometimes it just hurts too much,

And my time here must be through.

No one wants to belong to this ‘club.’

No one wants to stay.

I so desperately want to leave this place.

But there is no way out, try as I may.

As the months march on.

There are days I pray for escape.

Some reprieve from this grief.

One merciful moment away from my childless mother shape.

The truth is that reality will win.

That I am forced to stay.

She will always be my child that died.

And I will always be grieving until my final day.



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