Due…and a Giveaway

February 25, 2014


She was due on the 18th of February; set to come rushing into our world on the tails of cold winds and winter snows. Yet, I was barren.

That was four years ago.

I still think about her every day. I can still picture that scene, her face, that moment frozen in time as if it were yesterday. Four years later, it can still make me cry.

Four years later, I can smile.

I have seen the tremendous impact a life gone too soon can leave on this world and it’s not barren as I was, but  so incredibly full with blessing after blessing. It is amazing how that can be as incredibly true and real as she is. My daughter.

I have found that traveling this path, passing these dates that will forever be etched upon my heart and in my mind and I can live. I can count them not as years lost but as years gained toward the day in which I will see her beautiful face again. I can offer a hand and a piece of my heart to another knowing it is an extension of her. I can support and grieve with those I have met on this journey knowing I have been gifted with these friendships because of her. My love grows stronger, if that is at all possible. Grace covers me. I see clearly the trail of tears that has led me to a place of mostly peace.

This month, this year, did come rushing in on me, over-taking me in its cold winds and winter snows. It has dragged me through hell, honestly. Days and weeks passed and I  was unaware of all that was in my peripheral vision. It’s not been because of the death of my daughter, however. It has not been that dreaded reminder of what should or could have been that has brought me to my knees. In fact, I have felt her spirit with me many times through it all. A tiny soul gently urging me to continue, when honestly, I didn’t know or believe if I really had the strength to. The little soul I couldn’t save, essentially saving me. That’s what children do, right?

That’s what mine do; they save me.

They ground me. They give me an unconditional love worth living for. Hannah gives me an unconditional love worth living for. She lives in me. In my heart. In my deeds. Not in vain. No, never once have I believed her life was to be in vain.

So as I passed that date, that day I expected to welcome my middle child, life seemed to call. A still, small voice settled in my soul, allowing me to breathe again. Because I know. And I realized something perhaps that hasn’t taken many others as long to realize.

I was due.

Due to live this life. Enjoy it. Grasp it with all my might and surround myself in the beauty all around me.

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  • Katy Larsen

    As of today, early-2014, I am a 35 year old mother to three beautiful children- Bobby (5), Hannah (4 in Heaven) and Eliana (3, meaning ‘My God has answered my prayers’). I am the author of 2 books, “Mental Reflections” and “Whispers from the Well” and also narrated and compiled the book "Because They Lived." I am blessed to run my business Somewhere Over the Rainbow LLC (www.sotrshop.com or through our ETSY shop, our roots, www.etsy.com/shop/somewheretherainbow) which strives to provide Awareness and to gift those affected by Pregnancy and Infant Loss as well as to celebrate those moments in life you will never get back through custom handmade baby age blocks and wedding photo props. Our line is constantly being updated so we’ll hope you will visit us there. If you wish to speak directly with me at any time, I am always available at deliveringhopeforhannah@yahoo.com. http://somewhere-over-the-rainbow.myshopify.com/blogs/news FB link www.facebook.com/sotrshop and www.facebook.com/becausetheylived Twitter www.twitter.com/sotrshop

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