Still Standing

I Hope Their Hearts Just Know

Guest Post by Maripili Araya

I like it when my heart knows.

So many times I have had had my intuition know, tell me, show me what’s about to happen or even what happened years ago. I feel so at peace when my heart knows. It’s an indescribable feeling that maybe only other highly sensitive people can relate to.

Ever since I lost my twin boys a year ago I have become even more sensitive… to everything. My feelings have become so much more powerful and meaningful. I can sense so much more than I used to. Everything seems magnified, especially the good, because usually the bad falls short in comparison to what I have been through this year.

As parents we have so many ways of showing our children that we love them: hugs, words, time spent with them, years and years of connecting through emotions and feelings…Years of doing things for them and about them.

We go all out, endless drives, sleepless nights, millions of kisses, the hours and hours of investments we make, can only result in the fact that they (hopefully) know we love them.

I wish I could have done more for my boys in heaven, although I continue doing things for them and about them they are gone, and it feels so frustrating to think of their souls somewhere out there with millions of other souls… What do they know of me? What do they remember if anything at all? When we meet again, will they know?

I like to think they will.

Seven months inside my body, that’s it. That was all the time I had to let them know.
I have no greater wish than to think that my love is still with them day and night wherever they are, that they took it with them, and keep it in their hearts or somewhere hidden. I pray that somehow everything they felt while they were with me will stay with them until we meet again.

I hope their hearts just know.