Empty Spaces of You

May 22, 2013

It’s inside the spaces– the pauses– the infinite stillness–

that I most palpably feel the emptiness you’ve left behind.

It’s the silence of your missing voice that screams the loudest.

It’s every holiday that’s impossible to truly celebrate.

It’s the painfully absent goodnight routine.

It’s the missing you in every picture of our forever-one-too-small family.

It’s the one less set of hands tugging on my shirt.

It’s the one missing set of lips not kissing mine.

It’s the one stolen set of feet I should be chasing after.

It’s all the screaming empty spaces of you– you– you–

all around me.

Photo by Angela Miller Art by Mitch Carmody
Photo by Angela Miller
Art by Mitch Carmody

  • Angela Miller

    Angela Miller is a writer, speaker and grief advocate who provides support and solace to those who are grieving the loss of a child. She is the author of You Are the Mother Of All Mothers: A Message Of Hope For the Grieving Heart, founder of the award-winning online community A Bed for My Heart, writer for the Open to Hope Foundation and Still Standing Magazine. Angela writes candidly about child loss and grief without sugar coating the reality of life after loss. Her writing and her book have been featured in Forbes, Psychology Today, MPR, BlogTalk Radio, Open to Hope Radio and Writerly, among others. When she’s not writing, traveling, or healing hearts, you can find Angela making every moment count with her two beautiful, blue-eyed boys.

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