Making a Difference – The Asher James Congenital Heart Disease & Thrombosis Foundation

April 1, 2013

When you lose a child, your biggest fear is that over time your child will be forgotten. You do whatever you can to remember your child and to hold on to the memory of them, making sure their memory never fades away. I have lost two children. My daughter, Olivia, was stillborn and 11 months later my husband and I lost our son Asher to congenital heart disease and blood clots. He was only 6 weeks old.

After we lost Olivia, I was so afraid that people would forget about her so I did everything I possibly could to keep her memory alive. I participated in the March of Dimes walk, butterfly releases, anything and everything I could to tell the World that she existed and mattered.

When Asher developed blood clots, his doctor told us there is no money for research and no awareness for these blood clots in children. She was very frustrated. I wondered if this was why this was happening to my baby boy: so I could help this doctor and become an advocate for this cause. After all, I try to support every cause I possibly can. Asher was a fighter and he inspired so many people. So when we lost him, I knew a foundation had to be started in his memory to keep his fight going and to find better treatments and preventions for children that develop blood clots.

The Asher James Congenital Heart Disease & Thrombosis Foundation was created and we now work with Asher’s doctors to spread awareness and hopefully make a difference in research in blood clots in children. Our foundation is the only foundation that supports funding of research in blood clots in children.

Since losing our two children, and knowing how important it is to celebrate their lives and to remember them, our foundation is having our First Annual Angel’s Ball on February 8, 2014 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. This ball is dedicated to those little angels that have passed away too soon due to congenital heart disease or thrombosis. Every little angel’s parents will get to tell their story. As parents it is important to tell our child’s story so they can live on even though they aren’t here.


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