Sharing your Journey

March 7, 2013

Guest Post by Christi

Losing a child is completely and totally unexplainable. Every fiber of your body is ripped from you. Besides, this child is a life God created from your own DNA. This child is a part of you. When your child dies, literally a part of you dies too. Life does not just halt, it stops. Dreams are shattered. Joy becomes sorrow. A pit of despair consumes you. The world around you keeps going, but your world loses it’s point. There is simply no reason to continue on.

The mention of your child’s name brings you to tears. Seeing a child at the grocery store sends you into a downward spiral. The very thought of your child leaves you with bittersweet memories.

Some friends struggle to understand. Other friends ignore it completely. The teller at the bank has no clue why your eyes are red. The stranger beside you in the movie theater doesn’t understand why you ran out suddenly. Your attempts to carry on with the world seem failed.

Then somehow, someway you force yourself to read a blog, hear a conversation, join a support group, attend a retreat, or talk to a counselor. A wave of refreshment overcomes you when someone else truly understands every emotion, every thought, and every tear. New friendships are formed. They help you through the toughest of days without needing explanations.

Then there is a friend who calls you, knowing your story, looking for help, support, and open arms. Your heart is saddened to add yet another mom to the child-loss roster. Each time you relive your story, raw and openly. But somehow there is huge amounts of healing in holding the hands of another mom, making their burden a little lighter, and welcoming their fragile, shattered hearts into a world you wish they did not know.

God has incredible ways of bringing just the right friends into your life when you need them the most. Find a friend and walk through your healing journey together.

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