Ways to Honor Your Child

sky lantern

Remember, there really is no right or wrong way to honor your child. Do what feels right or is best for you and your family. These are merely suggestions:

  • Plant a garden (in your front/back yard or community)
  • Release beautiful Sky Lanterns in their memory on a special day
  • Make a memory Shadow Box
  • Take memorial pictures at cemetery or cremation site or with urn
  • Make a scrapbook / photo scrapbook of items worn/used or bought for child
  • Make or buy a piece of jewelry (bracelet, necklace, ring) with your child’s name and date
  • Get a Tattoo of your child (name, photo, date)
  • Take photos of something in nature that help you feel closer to your angel (light, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, etc…)
  • Make a charitable contribution in your child’s name to your favorite charity or organization
  • Collect Soy Jar Candles with scents that remind you of your child
  • Create a place in your home for your child’s special things
  • Purchase and name a crater on the moon after your child
  • Name a star after your child (unofficial, but still cool)
  • Start a charity or non-profit to help others in your situation
  • Keep a blog and write your heart. You can even make it private if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your journey with others
  • Participate in March of Dimes walk in their name
  • Speak to your hospital about starting or being involved with the bereavement support program available
  • Create or order a custom piece of jewelry with their name on it, and possibly charms that remind you of them
  • Order a Molly Bear
  • Get a custom portrait done (available for babies at any age)
  • Plant a tree
  • Donate memory boxes to your local hospital
  • Donate to a local charity in their name, like Ronald McDonald House or March of Dimes
  • Do a butterfly release
  • Take a creative Photography course
  • Order a Certificate of Life
  • Miscarriage Certificates of Life (UK)
  • Speak their name to anyone willing to listen
  • Find your muchness with this 30 Day Challenge
  • Celebrate their birthday, in a big or small way, whatever you might feel comfortable with
  • Collect little things here and there that remind you of them
  • Write a letter to them
  • Take a creative writing course, or just start writing
  • Send notes on helium balloons to them
  • Order a customized candle or Guardian Angel bottle for them


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