Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide for the child loss community and infertility community

This year is our first time creating a Holiday Gift Guide specific for the child loss and infertility communities. If you would like to be included we are featuring handmade shops, small businesses, books, authors, artists and more.

Inclusion fee is $10, payable through PayPal.

The Holiday Gift Guide will be a weekly newsletter to over 1600 subscribers worldwide, shared over out social reach (facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram) and lastly it will include a spotlight post, shared with 2-3 more shops, each Saturday. The gift guide will from October 26th through the first week of December.

Please email the following info to info.stillstandingmag@gmailDOTcom to be included:

+ your web address

+ 2-3 sentence bio introducing you/ your shop

+ 1 picture (anything that represents your shop/ book/ etc)

+ discount codes to Still Standing readers (optional)

*** Once you email us this info above you will be sent an invoice through PayPal to your email address. Upon payment you will be emailed the date your post on our website will go live. ***

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