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  • Holding On

    Tiny kidney-bean shape
    motionless on the ultrasound screen
    infinitesimal heart
    stilled by a hand much greater than mine
    the silent waters of my womb
    a static, gray vessel
    devoid of…

  • I Will Stumble


    My world so dark,

    My heart so broken.

    There is no light to help me find my way,

    Down this path.

    Which I cannot stop traveling.

    There is no…

  • Broken

    I am broken.
    into a million pieces,
    some so small
    they are lost forever
    when I break.
    Each day, I lose pieces
    of you.
    I am afraid
    that one day
    there will…

  • A Morning Lullaby

    I woke up this morning and missed you
    Oh so dear
    I then looked to the sky and
    saw that the moon was sitting quite near

    Next to…

  • Smallest of Wings

    Those smallest wings appeared in a blur of sweetness.

    Sheltered in tenderness and bliss.

    Oh so tiny and oh so sweet you long to spring free…

  • Still I Stand

    By Jennifer Hill
    I stand still…
         deep breaths,
         small steps,
         moment by moment,
         they say.

    I stand still…
         a new life ends,
         a new normal begins,

  • A Real Mom

    Guest Post by Leslie Matteson

    A real mom is made of more than what is done on Earth.
    A real mom carried life, even if they never…

  • Three.

    He is three today.
    Somewhere, somehow.

    His hair is dark and long
    and his laugh is loud.
    And his eyes are molten chocolate,
    just like hers.
    And he lets her…