10 Ways to Honor Your Friend’s Child That Died This October

Do you have a friend whose baby died? Maybe she took a healthy baby home and months later her son died tragically of SIDS. Or maybe he never got to meet his baby awake outside of the womb because his daughter was stillborn. Maybe you have a friend who suffered a miscarriage more than once but once is enough pain to endure. Maybe you have a friend whose … [Read more...]

There Is No, “At Least…”


I thought I was strong. I may have given myself a little too much credit. I can hold babies, I can talk about my boys, I can visit their tree where their ashes are buried, I can think about most things now without feeling that all too familiar feeling of dread in my stomach, pain in my heart and emptiness in my soul. I thought I was … [Read more...]

You Will Laugh Again


It never occurred to me that through sharing pain as authentically as possible, I may accidentally neglect to share joy. Happiness. Laughter. It’s been part of this whole journey— this whole hellish time. Some days, it’s hard, and the fog of grief is thick, and I’m too exhausted to do more than just breathe. Those days happen, too, but what I’ve … [Read more...]

Strength: The definition of

The definition of strength after loss

Soon after my daughter died a well-meaning person told me I needed to be strong for my other children. I remember looking down at my deflated self, my weight leaning fully against the side of a chair, and feeling weaker than I ever had in my whole life. I was sad and isolated and misunderstood, feelings I was no stranger to in those days, but not … [Read more...]

October – Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

Grief comes in Cycles - Grief Support by www.grievingparents.net

Most of you know that October is International SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month (and also Breast Cancer Awareness Month). This article will shine a light on the history and meaning for our community, and provide a resource of events and projects you can take part, if you wish, to make this month meaningful for you. It will also offer a … [Read more...]

On Seasons…


Here in the United States, we've just entered autumn. It looks different for many.  In social media feed, I see jeans and boots and cowl-necked sweaters. Here in Florida, I'm still cranking up the air conditioning and in flip-flops and sleeveless shirts. Funny, isn't it, how the same season can look so very different? Much like the season of … [Read more...]

Does It Ever Get Easier?


A question I’m frequently asked by bereaved parents is "Does it ever get easier?" The fear in their eyes is palpable. I know. I get it. The answer to that question still scares me too because I’ve been waiting for "easier" for almost seven years straight. And it wasn’t long ago I was asking this very same question to bereaved parents who were further … [Read more...]

On the Echo of Love


Love comes before grief. Love comes before grief. It’s an easy thing to forget, that love comes before grief. During those first horrible days...during those early numbing weeks...during those initial months where there seems to be no bottom to the depths of your pain, it seems that desperate sadness has always been with you, and always will be … [Read more...]

What’s in a Name?

My daughter Aisley’s 3rd birthday was on August 5th 2015. Or should I say it would have been her 3rd birthday. She died at birth. I spent the morning looming around, my head like a balloon filled with grey fog. I tried to sort through the muck of feelings weighing me down. Sifting through rage and sorrow, reaching past devastation and anguish, … [Read more...]

I Never Sleep in September


Photo Credit It has been eighteen years since our twin daughters were born silently into this world. Seventeen years since I rocked and sang to our newborn son as he left this earth. It has been almost nine years since I sang "Amazing Grace" at my mother's funeral. Tomorrow, we will sing at my husband's grandmother's funeral. And, I am … [Read more...]