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Diana blogs at Diana Wrote about her life with a daughter here and three sons in heaven, life as an army wife, and her faith. Smaller glimpses into her day are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Standing At The Door


I was supposed to get a cerclage several weeks ago. It was totally optional, nothing has changed and nothing really warrants one. In fact, none of my pregnancies (maybe my daughter's since I effaced early but didn't actually go into labor until 37 weeks) would have benefited from one. I had one with my son Kaden and it ended up being a disaster both … [Read more...]

Should Have Been


I drop my daughter off at her hourly care class, a few hours so I can work and she can have some fun with friends. I hug her and wave all the way out the door as she does the same, peeking through the window panes at me as I leave. On my out there's a mom in the waiting room with two little ones to drop off. She struggling with the littlest one … [Read more...]

Say It Again

When something unbelievable happens to us or another person, many of us react by telling the story multiple times. We need to tell it to someone and see their reaction, maybe different reactions. "Can you believe she cheated on him?" "I heard he lost his job after screaming at his boss." "I was just driving down the road and she pulled in front … [Read more...]

Dear Kaden,

Dear Kaden

One year ago today, we sat in the hospital in Dallas, listening to machines beep and flash. Watching as you struggled to hold on. I don't remember words but I remember the sounds of The End. I ached to hold you and yet I knew when I did, it would be one of the last times. So many people were in that room when I finally said we were ready. Daddy and … [Read more...]

I’m Sorry I Can’t Like Your Baby

Every day, I get online and brace myself for what I know will be an onslaught of happy families with healthy babies and glowing pregnancies. I shuffle my way through pictures, announcements, kids wearing 'Big Sister!' shirts, balloons being released from boxes, and grandparents posting ultrasounds. I sit and stare at each one briefly, part of me … [Read more...]

How Do You Keep Going?

I pressed my head against the cool window of the car as Dallas flashed past me. Sam driving. My daughter Bella in the back seat. It was August and it was hot and sticky. My parents were in a car behind us, heading to a hotel. Maybe we'll go swimming tonight, I thought. Dinner, swimming. My son just died. My son had just died. Maybe an hour before … [Read more...]

Marriage after Loss

My husband Sam and I have been married almost 11 1/2 years. We'd always joked that we'd been through more in nine years of marriage than most people had in a lifetime. A young marriage, war, deployments, job loss, money troubles, short-selling a home, a child with stressful first year medical issues, both of us in school, move after move, and him … [Read more...]



May is fast becoming my least favorite month of the year. May 3rd is the day my twin boys Preston and Julian were born, and died. 2 years ago. May 5th my son Kaden would have been 9 months old. May is Mother's Day. While I have a precious little girl here on earth, I'd rather skip Mother's Day. My husband will be gone so I'll actually get to … [Read more...]

When Grief Is Lonely and No One Sees

When Grief is Lonely and No One Sees

"I wish someone cared about the babies I lost too." My heart feels ripped out as I read this comment on the picture of my twins, born at 20 weeks. I head over to her Instagram page to try to find out what happened, if there is anything I can say to reassure this girl that someone cares. Anyone at all. There is nothing, no pictures or explanation of her … [Read more...]


I'm on the plane headed to a blog conference in August of '11. Sitting next to an older man who is telling me about what he's going to New York for. His wife of 40 years passed away a few months ago. He's bringing his little dog with him to a friend's home to stay for a while and look for a place to live. He's kind and friendly. We get around to what … [Read more...]