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Diana blogs at Diana Wrote about her life with a daughter here and three sons in heaven, life as an army wife, and her faith. Smaller glimpses into her day are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

When Grief Is Lonely and No One Sees

When Grief is Lonely and No One Sees

"I wish someone cared about the babies I lost too." My heart feels ripped out as I read this comment on the picture of my twins, born at 20 weeks. I head over to her Instagram page to try to find out what happened, if there is anything I can say to reassure this girl that someone cares. Anyone at all. There is nothing, no pictures or explanation of her … [Read more...]


I'm on the plane headed to a blog conference in August of '11. Sitting next to an older man who is telling me about what he's going to New York for. His wife of 40 years passed away a few months ago. He's bringing his little dog with him to a friend's home to stay for a while and look for a place to live. He's kind and friendly. We get around to what … [Read more...]

Through It, Not Over It: On Anger

Through It, Not Over it

I'm at my therapist's office, the same one as a year ago when I was working through losing my twin boys at 20 weeks. Now I'm here for them and my son who died at 3 weeks old in August. She's going through my assessment, a weekly checkup to see where I am emotionally. I can hear myself say, "And angry. I feel really mad, all the time. Mostly just … [Read more...]

Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas

I desperately want to skip Christmas this year. Not the feeling. Not the tree. Not the decorations or the snow or the beauty. Just the day. The day before and the day of. I want it to be over. Done. Where I can stop thinking about a day I had planned in my head with a baby. Finally. I did this already. I had a sad last Christmas, … [Read more...]

Grief is Grief: On Loss Comparison

Grief is Grief: On Loss Comparison

So many emails I receive from readers start or end with, "Not that I'm comparing my loss in any way to yours." And my heart aches reading that. Because most of the time - their loss makes an impact on me. I know it's changed their lives completely. The loss of my sons is significant to me and to many others, but mine doesn't trump anyone's. It … [Read more...]

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First, I'm so honored to be a part of the Still Standing writers community. I wish I wasn't here, but so glad I am. Hopefully that makes sense. I'm Diana, and blog at Diana Wrote (formerly Hormonal Imbalances), Babble, Liberating Working Moms, and She Reads Truth. I'm a mom of Bella, almost 4, and twins boys in heaven, Preston and Julian, born last May … [Read more...]