• Decisions, decisions

    The life of a parent is one full of decisions.

    Some, their brows puckered with concentration, painstakingly riffling through books about organic food and educational…

  • Dreamer

    I’ve always been a daydreamer.

    I was the child staring out of the window instead of paying attention to the teacher. I grew into the…

  • Together alone

    When Georgina died, I felt like the only person on the planet who had ever lost a daughter of three days old. The only…

  • Disappeared

    This is a companion to my previous article for Still Standing, Hidden.

    My daughter, Georgina, did not look like the baby that I had imagined….

  • Hidden

    The birth story. Told. Re-told. Mythologised and chronicled in baby books. Discussed. In staff rooms and workplaces. Amongst family and friends. Details. Hours. Pain….

  • All that remains

    It’s summer again.

    I always used to love the heat, the flowers, the bright green of the grass and trees against the blue of the…

  • But Now I See

    As a child, one of my favourite fairy stories was Hans Christian Andersen’s, ‘The Snow Queen.’ The story opens with a tale within a…

  • Reconciliation

    Reconciliation – the reestablishing of cordial relations.

    ‘If the world would apologize, I might consider a reconciliation’ – Mason Cooley.

    I always hope that, one morning,…