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Beth Morey is the mixed media artist behind Epiphany Art Studio . Her soulful and whimsical creations are born out of the griefs, joys, and not-knowings of life. She is also the founder of Made , an online course exploring the intersection of faith and art, and the author of the creative healing workbook, Life After Eating Disorder. Beth loves meeting new friends through her blog , where she writes about faith, creativity, and life after stillbirth. She lives in Montana with the Best Husband Ever, their rainbow son, and their three naughty dogs. You can find Beth at Epiphany Art Studio — or at her blog, You can also see her work at
Life After Eating Disorder --

When We Rise Up From Our Bed of Tears

Sometimes it's okay to walk away for a time, to leave the dark and allow the sun to slide warm and languid across your cheek. To climb a mountain, spread your arms to the cerulean sky, to howl fierce and glad and free at the filling moon. We have been initiated in the worst of ways, and the price was the death of a baby, babies, a child, children, or … [Read more...]

Baby Clothes and Reckless Hope

This post was originally published on my blog in July of 2012, when I was almost six months pregnancy with my rainbow son.  I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more baby things for Jake, our rainbow son. But today I did. I was at the store, and when I passed by the baby section, I thought, why not? So in I went.  And of course I found some … [Read more...]

Two Years and Three Months Later

photo by Jennifer Upton

As I write this article, I am eating a stick of beef jerky. A scintillating detail, no doubt. But for me, it isn't just beefy jerky. It is the first stick of jerky I've eaten since my stay at labor and delivery, during which I birthed my daughter's inexplicably dead body at 31 weeks of pregnancy. My husband and I had just checked into our hospital … [Read more...]

When a New Envy Rises

photo by Jennifer Upton

I thought I was done with it. Done with the surge of jealousy, the searing resentment that would boil whenever I saw a pregnant woman at the grocery store, or the doctor's office, or anywhere (everywhere). I envied her seeming not-knowing, her innocence of all the terrible ways that a blissful pregnancy could end. The jealousy was one of many facets of … [Read more...]

When My Daughter is Dead, and It’s Her Birthday

image by Beth Morey

Tomorrow is my daughter's second (still)birthday. I don't know what to say. If you reading this, you probably know what I mean. How to describe the rippling ache whose circles widen but never disappear? How to communicate how she is still an important part of my family, my life, even though she is dead? How to answer those who tell me to … [Read more...]

There is a Shore: Grief & Depression

photo by beth morey

I am no stranger to battling for my mental health. Having fought an eating disorder for nearly two decades and clinical depression for even longer, I am intimately familiar with the challenges of day to day living when your insides don't seem to connect quite right. When I became pregnant in 2011, my eating disorder and depression both disappeared … [Read more...]

Why Bullying About Grief’s [Lack of] Timeline is Unhelpful

bullying in baby loss

Today my daughter would have been one year and four months, if she'd lived. The grief is starting to get uncomfortable now. Well, not the grief, really.  People's reactions to the grief, to my feeling and expressing of it.  I'm feeling pressure to stop talking about it, about her.  To "get over it," to "move on." They don't understand.  You … [Read more...]

When the Questions are Impossible

beth morey

It's been twenty months since our Eve's stillbirth, and I still choke when I find myself confronted with one of those impossible questions.  You know the ones -- the questions that make you avoid small talk with new acquaintances, the ones for which there is no easy answer. This evening, I found myself facing down another one of these questions again … [Read more...]

Family Planning After Babyloss

family planning

Before I became a mother, I used to image that my husband and I would have three kids, all quite close in age.  I didn't think to worry overly much about it, though.  How hard could it be to create the family we wanted? Then our first child, our sweet daughter, died and was born. And suddenly, the idea of family planning felt incredibly … [Read more...]

When Grief’s Legacy is Fear


Exactly one year and six months ago, my husband and I said hello and then goodbye to our daughter, Eve.  When the doctor told us that she'd died inside of me, I didn't see how I was going to survive her birth, much less the days and weeks and months of life-without-her that lay ahead. In fact, I hoped that I wouldn't survive. In the day's wait … [Read more...]