Sex: The Infertile Frontier

August 24, 2016

Let’s talk about sex, yes, doing the deed, baby dancing, getting it on, doing the dirty.

Imagine with me for a moment…

You’re in the bathroom, you take out your “special cup”, you know the one that you pee in and use to dip all your tests in.  You dip your ovulation test and sit there staring at it for the allotted 3 minutes and BAM it’s positive.

You run into the room your partner is in and wave the stick like a mad woman and yell, “I’M FERTILE!!!  Let’s have sex!”

Partner: *mid bite* But I’m eating lunch…
You: I know but I’m fertile, we need to have sex.
Partner: Can I finish my sandwich?
You: The egg doesn’t live that long, you can finish after!
Partner: *blinks at you and stares*
You: SEE!  This is why I’m not pregnant.  I can’t get you to have sex with me when we NEED to.  You’re a guy, guys always want sex, why is this so hard??!! Why won’t you have sex with meeeeeeee?!
Partner: *thinks to himself* When did I become a personal sperm bank?

Does the above scenario seem familiar to you in any way?  I bet it does, we’ve been there in some shape or form.  We’ve all been at least mildly disappointed in our sex timing and scheduling at least once.

Remember when sex was spontaneous and fun and you did it just because?  Remember when you fantasized about your partner just because you were attracted to them? If not, you aren’t alone.  Infertility does this to our sex lives.  Yes it may go in cycles where you get back to just having fun, but then the routine creeps back into it.

You aren’t alone, remember that.  This is one more hurdle that infertility creates and we all find ways to jump over it.

Please share advice in the comments below on how you keep your sex life “normal” after getting in that “infertile sex” rut.

  • Mandy

    I have lived with infertility since 2007 and hope to give women with infertility a voice. I live in South Dakota with my pitbull, Bella and 2 cats. You can follow me on my blog.

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