Still Listening: I Wish My Baby Was Born

October 4, 2015

Our first Still Listening featured song is “I Wish My Baby Was Born,” by The Tillers. Few songs directly speak to the ache of missing a child as this classic American ballad does: “I wish, I wish my baby was born / and sitting on his papa’s knee … but still I hope the time will come / when you and I will be as one.”  There are many great versions of this song (from the ethereal track from The Be Good Tanyas to the hauntingly beautiful rendition by Dillard Chandler which blows everyone out of the water), but The Tillers’ version is my favorite due to it’s simple, accessible melody. What songs speak to you? Leave a comment, and remember to follow our Spotify account where you can hear more songs, listen to playlists, or add to our ever growing list of community-generated songs for parents experiencing loss.



  • Andy Gillette

    Andy Gillette is the father of Simon Alexander Gillette, who was stillborn in February of 2014. He and his wife Genevieve have grown closer through the experience, and find comfort in thinking of their little guy and helping other parents suffering through loss. They are happy to be involved with the Arlington, VA MIS Share support group: Mis Share


    • Alex Gardner

      October 5, 2015 at 2:44 am

      My husband wrote and produced a song for our stillborn baby. The song is called “Zion” which is what we named him and the artist is Kings Kaleidoscope. It’s a song expressing that our baby has gone before us to heaven and now we will be the ones to follow him. It’s a beautiful song providing comfort in the loss.

      1. Andy Gillette

        Andy Gillette

        October 11, 2015 at 7:12 pm

        Thanks, Alex–what a beautiful song. I found it on Spotify and added it so that other parents can enjoy it, too. Sorry for your loss–I’m sure this song brings some level of comfort and closeness for you, your husband, and Zion.

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