The ‘Club’

September 1, 2015


Thank you for your welcome.

Thank you for your stay.

My time has come to leave you.

Even though I know it can’t end that way.

I never wanted to join.

It’s not a place I want to be.

It’s time for me to leave.

But I’m trapped here; woe is me.

It’s been almost three years.

The pain is still deep.

Others have stayed longer.

Oh, how my heart still weeps.

I appreciate you being here,

With open arms when I needed you.

But sometimes it just hurts too much,

And my time here must be through.

No one wants to belong to this ‘club.’

No one wants to stay.

I so desperately want to leave this place.

But there is no way out, try as I may.

As the months march on.

There are days I pray for escape.

Some reprieve from this grief.

One merciful moment away from my childless mother shape.

The truth is that reality will win.

That I am forced to stay.

She will always be my child that died.

And I will always be grieving until my final day.



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  • Lindsey Henke

    Lindsey is a baby loss mom, writer, and clinical social worker. She writes about her journey through grief after child loss using her professional knowledge to heal her personal pain on her blog Stillborn and Still Breathing.

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