Finding your light after loss [a video]

October 10, 2013


This past weekend I had an amazing opportunity to give a speech at Forever In Our Hearts, a baby loss memorial walk in Madison, Wisconsin. I began working on my talk nearly a year ago, but every few months, when I revisited what I’d written, it didn’t feel right anymore. Grief is a living, moving thing and what feels true one day may feel entirely false the next. I wanted what I said to resonate but I had no idea where in their grief journey these parents are. Some may be two weeks out, others two months, and yet others, 20 years. How was I possibly going to resonate with all of them at once?

10 days before the event I was in panic mode. I had no idea what I was going to talk about. 200+ people and I was going to go up there, like a deer in the headlights, with no idea what to say.

So I took a few hours and let myself dig deep. I thought about what I would say to a room full of Still Standing readers. I thought about the global message that I wanted to share, and that was a message of strength. Of light. Of healing and of possibilities.

If you have a few minutes (18 and a half, to be exact) please take a look at the video of my talk. I hope it leaves you inspired.

If the video doesn’t show up, please click here to watch it. Thanks, Tova

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