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July 19, 2013
I got a box.  That is what I held onto as I left the hospital after the stillbirth of my daughter ~ a sad little container with a votive candle, a paper measuring tape, her clothes, and a non-profit pamphlet.  Honestly, there may have been more, but nothing struck me as memorable.  And it all just made a horrible situation worse.
Most women leave a hospital after having a baby with ~ a baby.  But when your baby dies, you don’t get the baby, or the cool bag with the free stuff in it to take home.  Instead, you get whatever the hospital has on hand.  And hopefully, there are staff and volunteers who make efforts to create something for you.   But I am sad to say, that there are still far too many hospitals today that are unequipped for grieving parents.
It is my mission to change that one family at at time.  That is why I created the Art Card Project.  It is a simple charity that has one goal in mind . . . to connect with a newly bereaved parent through art.  To let them know they are not alone and share resources with them that have been created by other baby lost parents.
My friend, Melissa (of Beautifully Chaotic) and I raised enough money, through the “We Remember You” event, to have 8,000 cards printed to be distributed to women experiencing loss by Dr’s offices, hospitals, midwives, doulas and other organizations and can now offer these cards for free.

There are two types of cards, one for early loss (miscarriage) and one for late losses such as stillbirth. They have been designed with Memory boxes in mind and are beautiful keepsakes (see examples below).

Below are examples of each card currently available for donation.

Art card for early loss

I have been asked why we are doing this?  It is really very simple ~ we love our children and don’t want any family to feel lost and alone in their grief.  Doing something, even born out of pain, is healing.   And serves the larger goal of creating a connection for families who will forever join this terrible ‘baby lost’ club.
If you have a need for art cards or know of an organization that could benefit from them, please fill out this request form.   If you have any questions about the Art Card charity, you can find answers to the most FAQ’s on this page.
I invite you to read more about Melissa and the annual “We Remember You” walk where you can have your child’s name written out and remembered.
  • Stephanie

    Stephanie Dyer, a mother of five children with four who walk on earth and one who soars, spends her days homeschooling and her nights painting. She has used her years of training and counseling as a LMSW-ACP to help her children deal with the loss of their sister. A self-taught artist, Stephanie currently owns and operates Beyond Words Designs, the company through which she publishes her artistry and runs the Donate Art project, a charity begun in honor of her daughter Amelia.

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