Healing Mother’s Day

April 10, 2013

“A Mother is not defined by the number of children you see, but by the love that she holds in her heart.” – Franchesca Cox

I’m not sure that I have ever read truer words. Oh how I wish all of humanity could read Franchesca’s quote. There is so much unrest surrounding Mother’s Day in our community. The day has been bashed and twisted into a commercial money-making mess by card companies and retail outlets around the world. To the person who has not suffered the loss of their baby or own mother or even struggled to conceive, they might be oblivious as to why this particular day on the calendar can be the most painful of days for so many women around the world. The same goes for all the Dads around out there who suffer in silence on Father’s Day each year. I put a question out on my facebook page last week. I asked everyone how Mother’s Day makes them feel. My heart broke reading everyone’s thoughts about the day, a day that is supposed to bring recognition and joy to us.

Anna Jarvis officially founded the traditional Mother’s Day to honour her own mother Ann who experienced the death of 7 of her children. This day was created in honour of a bereaved mother! So I think it is time to take our day back to its roots. I believe we can do this by using our voices in a peaceful, loving way. To receive love, you must give love.

If you know someone who has suffered the death of their baby through any type a loss I plead with you this Mother’s Day to send your love to that person. Write down Franchesca’s quote on a blank card. in a text message, on your friend’s facebook wall, whatever you like and let them know that you recognise them as a mother. If you are involved in a church or a community that will be honouring Mother’s on Mother’s Day, speak to the person in charge of the event. Ask them to share Franchesca’s quote and speak about the true meaning of mothers day. Speak about the women that suffer the death of their babies through miscarriage, infant loss, and child loss. Include those women who are yearning to conceive a child and those who cannot. This day needs to be healed. We want Mother’s Day to be a day of recognition. We want it to be a day of healing. A day for us to remember that it is our love for our children, the ones we miss, the ones we have and the ones we yearn for that make us mothers. MotherButterfly

If you are would like to join our movement on healing Mother’s Day check out International Bereaved Mother’s Day. (There is also a day for Dads too!) It’s a day that we hold each year where we use our voices in a loving way to spread the true meaning of Mother’s Day. It is our greatest hope that sometime in the near future there will be no need to hold a separate day and all mothers will be once again recognized and included.

As always I wish you all love, blessings and most of all recognition.

  • Carly

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